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Introducing the Luminous Body Mist!

Introducing the Luminous Body Mist!

I was blessed to visit the French Riviera for the first time last year and was overwhelmed by the glamour and history, but most of all the amazing beauty products! A friend recommended I stop by one of the many “pharmacies” (aka beauty boutiques) to pick up a dry oil. After my first try I was hooked and knew that I had to create one for my BBAM family. 

I am am so excited to share the Luminous Body Mist with you! With a sensual blend of French oils like Grapeseed, Rosemary, and Sweet Almond, your skin will be left soft and moisturized like never before. And like the Facial Elixir, there is a signature scent that will transform you to this faraway paradise. 

We currently have the Travel Size in stock and the full size bottle is coming soon! (production delays ugh!)


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