Facial Elixir Morning & Night Routine


My daughter calls it 'magic in a bottle'.... Not only have I loved using it on my face in the evening, but I decided to experiment with it while on vacation (FL) with my family. After too much sun, I put a little on my shoulders (SO much better the next morning) and did the same with my daughter. Her sunburn was nearly gone by the morning. I also put it on my husband, son and daughter as they were all peeling on their noses - it made a tremendous healing difference. Thank you!

Danielle S.

I've noticed that my skin has been dry in recent months and nothing was helping. One application of beauty by Africa Miranda's beauty elixir cured the dryness and my skin has been soft, supple, and youthful since using this product.

Amber W.

I absolutely love this product!! It smells great and leaves my skin feeling super soft!! Since I travel almost weekly, I actually ordered for my home and one that I keep in my luggage! I'm never without it! :-) GetTheGlow

Annette B.

The facial elixir is now part of my morning and evening routine. It absorbs well into the skin and does not leave any residue. Also, the scent is divine, everytime I use it it reminds me of my trip to Bali. I can not wait for new products!

Nivdarla A.

I like the Facial Elixir because it feels smooth on my face and neck after a shave. Also, it has a nice slight aroma that is refreshing.

Courtney R.

Ordered my facial elixir over the weekend and shipping was fast! I have a beautiful glow and my face is so soft. The fragrance is wonderful! Thanks to Africa for making such a great product.



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