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Founder Notes: 5 Tips For a Successful In-Person Shopping Experience

Founder Notes: 5 Tips For a Successful In-Person Shopping Experience

When done right, in person shopping events can be an amazing way to expand your brand and increase sales. People who have been following your products online now have a chance to experience them in the flesh, and you also have to opportunity to get introduced to a brand new audience. In this first year our in person events have absolutely been the to our success. Here are 5 tips to ensure your next event is a success!


1. Have a Beautiful Engaging Display


 Incorporate brand colors. Bring in texture, have different height levels. It isn’t a flea market or a grocery store. Take the time to research the aesthetic you want to create, don’t just put products on your table with no thought or purpose. Also keep in mind this doesn’t have to be expensive. Home Goods and the home decor sections of Marshall’s and TJ Maxx have gems for great prices.  

2. The Power of Touch

Yes the point of all of this is to sell, but don’t be a used car salesman. Have a short script that you’ve practiced before hand of major points product points. If there is a sampling experience practice that as well. Imagine you are entertaining guests in your home. Wouldn’t you want them to feel welcome? I like to create a human connection during my sampling process by touching my customers’ hands and making the initial application. Touch shares energy and creates a human connection. Find your personal comfort level so that it feels natural and authentic. 

 3. Be a Good Neighbor

Share display and business ideas with your fellow vendors. I’ve picked up so many tips and helpful information from fellow business owners just from small talk. Keep an eye on their tables if they need to step away. Don’t crowd someone else’s space and don’t have a messy cluttered space.

4. Look the Part 


You are an extension of your brand and your wardrobe should reflect that. As small business owners we usually have to do the set up and breakdown ourselves. With that in mind, bring a change of clothes specifically for the event so that you can look refreshed. Incorporate shades of your brand colors into your look. Do this consistently and it will be something that customers look forward to when shopping with you. It will also make any photo/videos captured be consistent with your current marketing materials 

 5. You Don’t Have to Do Every Event

There is an urge to think that you have to sell at every possible event. Make sure that you weigh the cost of vendor fees, promotion, travel, and how much product you’ll have to sell to break even. Also look at the potential audience and make sure that it is one in line with your customer profile. 


Quick hits: 

Wash your hands as soon as it is over to prevent colds/flu.

Bring snacks. It is a long day and you’ll need the fuel. Also keep mints handy since you will be talking to customers 

Always have special samples or a couple of your products set aside for vip or special guests.

Have fun! 



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