Our Story

Once upon a time, I took a trip that inspired a beauty line. 

As a host, author and media personality I’m always finding ways to bring my audience along on my travels. Whether that’s swapping travel stories with actress Simone MIssick on The Africa Miranda Show or posting candids from the road on my Instagram stories - I want everyone to experience the world outside of their everyday.

After coming back home from my very first solo trip to Rio, and finally sifting through vacation photos I was stricken by the sight of my own glowing, dewy complexion. Brazil and my skin had an incredible love affair and I suddenly wanted to share it with people everywhere. It was then that beauty by Africa Miranda was born, along with my debut product the Facial Elixir which I affectionately call “Brazil in a bottle”.

Since beauty by Africa Miranda launched in 2016, I have shared two more beauty “souvenirs” that continue the story of my travels around the world. The ultra-hydrating Luminous Body Mist - inspired by the French Riviera and the aloe vera-rich Hydra Essence Complexion Mist which is a love letter to my time in Curaçao. 

Travel has always touched my heart since I was a little girl in Alabama, giddy with excitement when my aunt would gift me with little treasures she would bring home from her travels. There is something so visceral about the desire to know what the whole world looks, smells and tastes like. Even if you can’t get on a plane and leave today, even if you’ve never been anywhere (yet) beauty by Africa Miranda will take your senses on a journey around the world. 

I’m so thrilled that you’re on this adventure with me!